ISCA Journals Available Online

It was announced last week that the entire run of the ISCA Journals were now available to members online.

The International Scouting Collectors Association is pleased to announce that all issues of the ISCA Journal are now available for viewing and for download at in the members only area. Journal issues previously unavailable in digital form
(March 2001-December 2008) have been scanned and uploaded to our website as a resource for all members. The files have been processed to enable text searches and can be read on-line or downloaded to your personal computer.

If your not currently a member,

Note: if you are not an ISCA member, the cost of membership is only $10.00 per year and you can join on-line on the ISCA website using a credit card (payable thru PayPal – you do not have to have a PayPal account). This gives you access to all services and information in the members only area including access to all of our digital archive.

This is a great resource to have available.  they also plan to make back issues of their predecessor organizations available as well.

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