Buckskin Lodge #412 2012 NOAC Kitchkinet Set S67 X29

Brian Petrowski sends along word of 4 new issues (a total of 8 patches) issued by Buckskin Lodge #412 for the 2012 NOAC. He explains:

Buckskin Lodge #412 has issued a 2012 NOAC set of 4 two part sets featuring the four OA principals. All 8 pieces have a beautiful mountain range scene
in the background.

Here is the info on the second set:

The second set which is yellow features Kichkinet in the center dream catcher with the wording “Let us try to find the arrow” on the flap, along with Amangi Wulit which is another chapter of the lodge.

Buckskin Lodge #412 2012 NOAC Kitchkinet Set S67 X29

The stats for this set should be:
S67 YEL R M/C YEL BLU FDL; YEL Let us try to find the arrow, NOAC 2012 BLU Amangi Wulit w/X29
X29 YEL R M/C YEL DBL FDL; YEL NOAC 2012 WWW MSU, BLK Kitchkinet w/S67

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