Ranachqua Lodge #4 Arrowhead now A6

Here is a private issue arrowhead for Ranachqua Lodge #4. My understanding is that it was done by a lodge member on speculation that it would be approved and sold by the lodge, to date however it has not been approved. As such, it gets listed as a Z.

Update March 2013 I have since learned that the issue was adopted by the Lodge and used as a hat patch by their NOAC contingent in 2012. I’ve updated this post to reflect it should be considered the A6

Ranachqua Lodge #4  Arrowhead A6

Ranachqua Lodge #4 A6

Blue Book style stats:
ZA1 A6 – RED C GRN BLK – BLK Bronx, NY. RED outlined BLK WWW, approx 75mm

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