Area 2-D 1951 Conclave

The Order of the Arrow Conclave Handbook Volume 1 by Dingwerth and Jensen indicates that there was a patch issued for the 1951 Area 2-D Conclave. As you can see on the patch below, there is no indication of the host lodge or the location of the event.

Area 2-D 1951 Pocket Patch

Were there any other items issued for the event?

According to the OA Section List the lodges in the Area at this time were:

  • Sisilija Lodge #19
  • Half Moon Lodge #28
  • Wakpominee Lodge #48
  • Mahikan Lodge #181
  • Mohawk Lodge #267
  • Ta-Oun-Ya-Wat-Ha Lodge #268
  • Loon Lodge #364
  • Onteroraus Lodge #402
  • Thay-En-Da-Ne-Gea Lodge #418



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Shared Items From Around The Web – March 16, 2011


Ona Yote Kaonaga P1

Another good looking pie from the Central New York (old Area2-G) recently ended on eBay. This one was from Ona Yote Kaonaga Lodge #500 in the old Fort Stanwix Council headquartered in Rome, NY. Ona Yote Kaonaga later merged with Gonlix Lodge #34 to form Ko Nosh I Oni Lodge #34

Clicking on the image will bring you to the auction results for the next few months.

[phpbay]Ona Yote Kaonaga, 10[/phpbay]

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