Half Moon Lodge #28 Dance Team Jacket Patch J4

Another of my acquisitions from the Western New York Traders Association TOR in Williamsville a couple of weekends ago was a Dance Team Jacket Patch from Half Moon Lodge #28, the J4. This image is not currently on OA Images, but I’ll be sending a copy of the scan to John.

The Blue Book description of this patch has an error. The background color is Brown (BRN) not Black (BLK). Discussions with some Half Moon collectors, confirm that there were two issues of the Dance Team Jacket Patch. The first had a Black background (J3) and the second version a Brown (J4).

Half Moon Lodge #28 Dance Team Jacket Patch J4

Half Moon Lodge #28 Dance Team Jacket Patch J4

The Blue Book stats are:
J4 RED R BLK BRN – – GRN WWW; RED 28; 177 mm: round

I believe that the 28 X2 may be a duplicate of the J3 listing.  Can anyone confirm the existence of the X2.


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