Kittan Lodge #364 Historical Set – Kittan S14

Kittan Lodge #364 has only been in existence for a short time, but there is a long history of the OA in the Capital area in NY. As part of the BSA Centennial, they have issued a set celebrating both the 100th Anniversary of the Boy Scouts of America and there own predecessors.

A nine flap set has been issued which replicates one of the iconic designs of the lodges which have joined together to become what is today Kittan Lodge.

Just a bit of bookkeeping before we start. I will first list the Kittan version of the patch, and than list the subsequent issues based on the original lodge number and age. Aside from the flap issued below, each flap will also be listed as an Historical Flap in the respective Lodge as an HS or HF issue.

Each flap has a Gold Mylar Border and GMY 100 in the design. Older issues have a FDL added to the design.

Here is the Kittan Flap:

Kittan Lodge #364 S14

Here are the Blue Book style stats:
S14 GMY R M/C RED DBL FDL; RED WWW Porcupine climbing Birch tree GMY 100


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