Ktemaque Lodge #15 2010 Jamboree Flap S46

Here is the second of 2 flaps issued by Ktemaque Lodge #15 for the 2010 National Scout Jamboree. This one has an Orange Mylar Border and seems to have been issued in a smaller quantity that the Turquoise bordered S45. The flap does not include their beaver totem, but the headless horseman and pumpkin which has been used by Ktemaque for previous Jamboree’s.

Ktemaque Lodge #15 2010 Jamboree Flap S46

Blue Book style stats:
S46 OMY R TUR BLK TUR BSA; TUR 2010 National Scout Jamboree ORG Mylar Pumpkin & Border – Delegate


“A wild boar stood under a tree, and rubbed his tusks against the trunk. A fox passing by asked him why he thus sharpened his teeth when there was no danger threatening from either huntsman or hound. He replied, “I do it advisedly; for it would never do to have to sharpen my weapons just at the time I ought to be using them.” To be well prepared for war is the best guarantee of peace.” – The Fables of Aesop,


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