Kittan Lodge #364 2010 Jamboree Set S13 X8

Kittan Lodge #364 has issued a 2-piece set for the 2010 National Scout Jamboree. The flap design is the same as the current regular issue flap, but with a night scene. According to the Lodge Advisor, while the flap does not contain any reference to the BSA Centennial or the Jamboree it will not be used as a regular issue flap. The 384 S1 is still the only regular issue flap from the lodge.

First up is the artists rendition of the design:

Kittan Lodge #364 2010 Jamboree Set Artists Rendition

and the finished product:

Kittan Lodge #364 2010 Jamboree Set S13 X8

The Blue Book stats should be:
S 13 DRD R M/C RED DBL FDL; Porcupine in Tree Night Scene w/X8
X 8 DRD R M/C – GRN FDL; RED 2010 National Scout Jamboree w/S13


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