Amazon Kindle Price Lowered

Amazon has just lowered the price of its Kindle $60.00 from $359.00 to $299.00.

I’ve been using mine since early April and love it.  If your a reader of Science Fiction, there are a number of low and no cost books available both through amazon and other sources.

You can find out more about it by clicking on the link below.


Cayuga County Council Loses Its Charter

Brother Andrew had previously provided a link to the proposed merger of Cayuga County Council and Hiawatha Seaway Council.

He sends along another to an article in the Auburn Citizen which states:

Boy Scouts in Cayuga County may be reporting to a Boy Scouts of America council in a neighboring county in the future instead of the Cayuga County Council, even though no merger took place.

The national council did not renew the Cayuga County Council’s charter when it expired June 30, Director of the Northeast Area Steven Smith said this week. The national organization no longer recognizes the council and directed the regional branch to reassign all of the scouting units to the Hiawatha Seaway Council,

It sounds like things are getting ugly…

The regional council called for a merger because the Cayuga County Council has too few units, Smith said. An approval from both councils to merge would have provided a seamless process for the disillusionment of the Cayuga County Council, he added.

But it appears that did not happen. In a transaction filed with the county last week, Charles Bouley Jr., Michael Ferro and Walter Love, listed as trustees, took ownership of the headquarters at 7235 Mutton Hill Road, Sennett, acquiring it from the council for $1.

and further…

Cayuga County Council board President Don Beardsley said there is a “legal question” regarding the council and that a band of people are working on establishing their own council, but he would not comment further because of “legal implications.”

Watch this space for more as it becomes available.

Thanks to Brother Andrew for the pointer.


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Buckskinj Lodge #412 Iroquois Chapter X3

New IssueBrian Petrowski has sent along images of 4 new patches issued by Buckskin Lodge #412.  I’ve gone back and forth on these patches, are they Chapter issues or Lodge issues.

The second of the 4 patches is issued for IroquoisChapter, has an Orange border and Chapter name.  It contains 24 W’s for the original 24 members of Buckskin Lodge.

Buckskin Lodge #412 Iroquois Chapter X3

Buckskin Lodge #412 Iroquois Chapter X3

Blue Book style stats:
Iroquois X3 ORG R BLK ORG ORG FDL ORG 1949 2009 Theodore Roosevelt Council

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