Ga-Hon-Ga Lodge #34 5th Anniversary Set F1 X7

New IssueChris Meacham bring word of a new two-piece set from Ga-Hon-Ga Lodge #34 celebrating its 5th Anniversary. The two piece set recognizes the 182 combined years of history from the 6 predecessor lodges. These lodges are depicted by their totems, lodge numbers and start date on the chevron.

Chris writes:

Here is a scan of the 5 year anniversary patch. Many lodge members are dissatisfied with the way it came out, but elected to issue it anyway. We consider this to be a mistake, as the moose on the flap do not look like moose and a few other reasons.

Ga-Hon-Ga Lodge #34 5th Anniversary Set F1 X7

Chris advises that they are (at least currently) being issued one set per member.

The likely Blue Book Stats will be:
F1 TAN R LBL BLK LBL FDL; BLK 2002 2007 Fives Years of Service, RED WWW, 34 w/X7

X7 TAN R LBL – LBL FDL; BLK 182 Years of History; BLU 34, 34, 34, 294, 465, 500 Service w/F1

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“All our experience with history should teach us, when we look back, how badly human wisdom is betrayed when it relies on itself.” – Martin Luther


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