Section NE-3B 2006 Section Conclave Round

Another pick-up at the Sunahacky TOR was a Section Conclave patch from NE-3B

Tahgajute Lodge #247 was the host of the 2006 NE-3B Section Conclave Held at Camp Rotary. The Pocket Patch is the Round pictured below. Does anyone know if there was any other patches or neckerchiefs issued for this event.

The lodges in Section NE-3B Include:

19 H a u d e n o s a u n e e
34 G a – H o n – G a
172 O t a h n a g o n
219 K a y a n e r n h – K o w a
247 Ta h g a j u t e
364 L o o n
402 O n t e r o r a u s

Section NE-3B 2006 Section Conclave Round

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  1. Tim Monnin says:

    A Conclave neckerchief, mug, t-shirt, and 6″ back patch were made for the Conclave. Also, Tahgajute Lodge produced a full pocket patch to comemorate the event.

  2. Matt Crance says:

    I currently have one of these patches with a red border also will forward photo soon.

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