Computer Issues

Sorry for the light posting of late.  I am having computer issues.  First replaced the power supply which lasted for 3 days.  Now a tech will visit with yet another power supply and new motherboard. 

I do have limited net access on another PC, but don’t have access to my scanner, Dreamweaver, Photoshop, etc.  which has slowed things down.

Once I’m back up, I will have postings on new (and not so new) issues from 34 and 402 as well as the 49QS1 (thanks Dave).

Hopefully this won’t take much longer to resolve. 


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  1. John Pannell says:


    I managed to find your blog’s theme last night at However, I think I found one that might work better for me… had to do a lot of customizing though.

    Hope you get all the computer issues fixed soon.

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