For those paper collectors out there, Terry Grove is planning to publish a book on the early history of the ceremonies of the Order of the Arrow from its earliest years.  If you have any interest, drop Terry an email with the information below.



1915 – 1948

A book that traces the history of the Wimachtendienk through its Ceremonies, Constitutions, Lodge Manuals, Handbooks, Dues Cards and sashes from 1915 to 1948

All the known ceremonies – Ordeal, Brotherhood and Vigil – are in print within this book.  Many pictures and graphics are included as well as copies of original documents used by the Wimachtendienk over the years – plus checklists of everything available.

The book will be available late 2006. This is a pre-order form that can be used too reserve your copy of the book.  The book will be available hardbound and softbound.



City State, Zip__________________________________

_____ Hardbound                               ____ Softbound

(Price to be announced)


Terry Grove

2048 Shadyhill Terrace

Winter Park, Florida 32792

Author: nyoatrader
To share information about new or newly discovered Order of the Arrows patches, flaps, odd-shapes, neckerchiefs, event and chapter issues from New York State Order of the Arrow Lodges, warnings about fakes, spoof, and reproductions and any other information that may be of interest to New York State OA Collectors.

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