Lodge #172 Otahnagon YN1 or ZN1?

I recently came across an unlisted neckerchief from Lodge #172 Otahnagon. The Neckechief is on a ‘professional’ neckerchief blank, the NYS shape is ironed-on and the wrting appears to be in ink or marker. It is otherwise mint.
The lodge advisor in initial conversations has indicated that it is certainly not a current (last 10 years) issue nor does he recognize it as an historical issue. It is likley a handmade “one-off” made by an individual and hence a private issue. (Image and more info ‘below the fold’.  click on more)

It will initially be called the 172YN1, but if no further information is obtained, its final lsiting is likely to be a ZN1.

The Blue Book Definitions are:

Y< = A broad category of patches and neckerchiefs that for one reason or another do not fit into the main listing. All known prototypes and samples are in this category. Also, patches that cannot be positively confirmed are placed in this category pending future documentation. There are certain patches that are either camp patches, defective patches or other patches that have appeared in previous listings but should not really be part of this catalog. These are also given the “Y” designation so that when collectors unfamiliar with their story chance upon them, they will be able to make an identification. Z = Fake. Fraudulent, bogus, unauthorized, phoney, spoof and other privately issued insignia. Here is what it looks like (click on the imageto bring up a larger picture):

172 YN1

If anyone has more information on this item, please let me know.

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