Update to Previous Post – Unlisted 417 Neckechief?

In a previous post, I speculated on whether a neckerchief I had acquired was a Section Conclave Issue or on unlisted Lodge Contingent item to that conclave.

I did have a couple of responses, Dave Scocca wrote “The Conclave Handbook Volume 1 (Frank Dingwerth and Chris Jensen) pictures this neckerchief as the Area 2H issue for 1959. The checklist indicates that a neckerchief (but no patch) was issued.”

Separately Jim Clough had a number of 2-H Conclave items in his last sales list. The pictured neckerchief was listed as the 59 2-H Conclave Neckerchief. This was the earliest conclave item from 2-H in his list.

I have not had any direct repsonses from any 2-H members or collectors.

While it is likely this is a conclave piece, I will continue to look since the previous 2-H Conclave issues (1956-58)and post (1960 and later) all specifically mention “conclave” on the neckerchief, only the 1959 does not.

Time will tell.


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