Kittan Lodge #364 2012 NOAC Fundraiser S20

Here is the second of three flaps issued by Kittan Lodge #364 as a fundraiser for the 2012 NOAC to be held in East Lansing, Michigan. It uses the same design, but has a different border color.

Update:September 25 I have renumbered these issues due to the 3 SummitCorps flaps issued by Kittan.

Kittan Lodge #364 2012 NOAC Fundraiser S20

OA Images numbering:
S1820 WHT R M/C M/C RED FDL; NAME RED outlined Blk; GRN NOAC 2012 – Fundraiser

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In 1875, Henry E. Wrigley, the head of the Pennsylvania Geological Survey, issued a doomsday warning that the state – and hence the world – production of oil had peaked and would soon experience a precipitous decline, aggravating fears that had overshadowed the oil industry since its inception. Ron Chernow, Titan


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