Camp Boyhaven or Buffalo Lodge #19

While a bit off topic, I received a question from Dave E. following requesting any additional information anyone may have.

Included in the grouping was a felt patch with a letter “B” on it.
I assume it is either a very early Boyhaven patch or perhaps a Buffalo Lodge patch.
Everything in the grouping appears to be from the Schenectady Council and from the 1927-1932 time period.

I replied to Dave, with the bit of information I had and my specualtion. The Camp Book (Minnihan and Sherman) lists a Camp Boyhaven (1932) -1991 belonging to Schenectady County Council. Camp Rotary (1926) and Camp Boyhaven .

I would guess it is most likely an early Camp Boyhaven Patch.

Can anyone confirm a start date for Camp Boyhaven?


34 Whatsit?

Bill Williams sent the scan below and asked:

I have come across my patches form the 1977 national jamboree, the attached patch was traded there.. That narrows down the age. 6-1/2” tall was wondering if it is part of Ko Nosh l oni Lodge.

I responded that since Ko Nosh I Oni’s totem was the Tree of Peace, and a single tree is prominent in all of their patches which this design does not contain. It is likely a Troop patch of some sort. Don’t recall ever seeing one before.

It seems highly unlikely that it is a Ko-Nosh-I-Oni item. For years I attended a local TOR in that area (Marcy) and don’t recall seeing one in amy of the upstate traders lists over the years (Vanderbilt, Bombard or Fox collections).

34 Whatsit?

Anyone else ever seen it before?