Summit Blog – Ramp Up Your Patch Trading

Want to know the latest on the next National Jamboree? Check out the Summit Blog.

One of the most recent posts dealt with Patch Trading.

The big news:

“At the Summit, for the first time ever, trading will become an ‘official’ jamboree activity, taking place each evening on the upper deck/lawn of the AT&T Summit Stadium,” said Russell Smart, volunteer team leader for programming at the 2013 jamboree. “Also for the first time ever, trading between youth and adults will be allowed as long as it occurs in this official area.”

And there tips for getting ready:
1. Build your inventory.
2. Know your collection.
3. Maintain your kit.

What are your ideas?

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1937 Region 2 Jamboree Flash – The Finale

I wrote about an auction for a  1937 Region 2 Jamboree Flash late last month.  The bidding started at only $ 9.99.  When the hammer came down, 17 bids later, here was the result.

Clicking on the image will bring you to the auction for the next couple of months.


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