Scouting Hot Finds Radio: Order of the Arrow Blue Book 2.0

Jason Spangler, the SanteeSwapper has the conclusion of his interview with Roy More of the Scout Patch Auction talking about the long awaited revision of the OA Blue Book.

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What’s Up with the Blue Book?

Wondering what is going on with the blue Book? Jason Spangler the Satee Swapper has an interview with Roy More at 1:00 PM today.

Roy More of the Scout Patch Auction now holds the right to the publication and he is activety working on the project and recruiting help. I was able to attend his session at the ISCA National Convention regarding the Blue Book project and I’ve got part 1 of that audio for you here. What you are going to hear is an unedited recording so that you can put yourself in the room with Roy and the others who were able to be in Dallas and attend the session.

You can listen to Scouting Hot Finds Radio: Blue Book 2.0 Update with Roy More live or as a podcast later.

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So What’s Up With the Blue Book?

Periodically a question is asked on Patch-L on the status of the Blue Book.  Without going into long detail, the facts of which I am not totally privy to, there has not been an issue available since the 2006 NOAC.

In a post speculating on the total number of issues for the 2009 NOAC, Roy More states:

We’ve taken over the management and publication of the OA Blue Book so we’re heading home from pre-NOAC to see that the system can handle all of these new additions. What an undertaking.

If you follow the link,  you find yourself here:

OA Blue BookThere are several posts, but no comments yet.

A few tidbits from the posts:

The site for The Blue Book is, we think logically, The site is very much “under development” but some of the things we will now be able to do:
– Anyone will be able to give submissions for new issues and varieties.
– Users will be able to add comments about issues including historical information such as number made, when issued, any restrictions, etc.
– More easily include new areas such as lodge totem pins or other memorabilia.

Should there be an overhaul of the issues in Blue Book as stated in the last, 6th, edition?

How do we handle lodges that do not have a number?

Go check it out and leave Ray your thoughts.


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Explanation of Blue Book Terms and Definitions