Onondaga Council Seneca Face Whatsit?

questionmarksmallHere is another Whatsit? from Mike Hinman. This one is a round patch with a Seneca False Face Mask and the words Onondaga Council hand written on the patch.

seneca-faceThe Senaca Mask was used by Senaca Lodge #394 out of Elmira, NY as well as Ga-Goh- Sa Lodge #547 from Olean, NY.

Onondaga Lodge #516 which served Onondaga Council was headquartered in Syracuse and used the Iroquois Longhouse as their totem.

While the Seneca were one of the tribes of the Iroquois, there are no known issues from Lodge #516 using this design.

Can anyone shed any light on this?  A district issue perhaps?


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Area 2-G 1965 Conclave Patch

Another scan from Neale Cummings, this one the 1965 Area 2-G Conclave Patch. Neale advises there was also a neckerchief issued for the event, although neither of us has one.

Area 2-G 1965 Pocket Patch

Area 2-G 1965 Pocket Patch

Update: March 2010

Here is the neckerchief:

Area 2-G 1965 Neckerchief

and the slide:

Area 2-G 1965 Neckerchief Slide

Both the neckerchief and patch are needs of mine Only the slide is a need of mine. If anyone has them available, I would be interested in trading for or purchasing them it
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Area 2-G 1966 Concalve

Two more images and some information from Neale Cummings on the 1966 Area 2-G Conclave. The conclave was held at Camp Woodland and hosted by Onondaga Lodge #516. The patch and neckerchief referred to it as a training and fellowship conference. The Area Chief was Robert Gwinn.

The pocket patch was a triangle.

and the neckerchief had a similar design.