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Area 2-G 1969 Conclave

The 1969 Area 2-G Conclave was hosted by Ko Nosh I Oni Lodge #34 and held at Camp Kingsley their Council Camp.

There are two issues known for this event, a pocket patch and a neckerchief.

and the neckerchief.

Has anyone seen any other issues for this conclave?

Thanks to Tom Wadnola for the images.

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Ko Nosh I Oni Lodge #34 eX1971

During the 1970 – 1971 time frame, Ko Nosh I Oni Lodge #34 issued at least 4 event patches which are listed in the Blue Book. Last June Ray Gould provided information on the 34eX1970-3.

Today he provides a scan for the previously listed 34eX1971.

The Blue Book lists it as:
Event eX1971 – – RED WHT – Flocked; “Conservation”

Here is the image:

Ko Nosh I Oni Lodge #34 eX1971

Looks like the Blue Book Description should be amended to:

Event eX1971 – – RED WHT – Flocked; WHT “Conservation ’71 Presentation Area II-G Conclave”


Lodge #34 Ko-Nosh-I-Oni eX1970-3

Ray Gould also supplies a newly discovered event pacth from Lodge #34. This one designated the 34eX1970-3 for the Fall Brotherhood.

Lodge #34 Ko-Nosh-I-Oni eX1970-3 Fall Brotherhood

Blue Book stats

34eX1970-3 – – DBL GLD – SSC on vinyl GLD Eaton Brook Fall Brotherhood


Lodge #34 Ko-Nosh-I-Oni Business Card Case

Ray Gould also supplies a scan of a unique collectible from lodge #34. While not a BB item an interesting addition to a lodge #34 Collection.

“a scan for the miscellaneous is a scan of an official lodge “business card holder” (shown in the open position to view both front and back)……i don’t know its intended use, however it is exactly like the card holder i receive with a new pack of business cards…i thought you’d enjoy seeing it”

Lodge #34 Ko-Nosh-I-Oni Business Card Case


Lodge #34 Ko-Nosh-I-Oni eX1970-2

Ray Gould has provided a scan of a previously listed irem for Lodge #34, which had not been pictured on The 34eX1970-2 pictured below.

34 eX1970-2