Mahicantuck Lodge #15 First Flap S1

Late last year, members of Ktemaque and Nacha Nimat Lodges gathered at Camp Bullowa for the first official meeting of their new lodge.
The new name for the Greater Hudson Valley Council Order of the Arrow lodge will be “Mahicantuck Lodge #15, W.W.W.” and it’s totem will be that of the historic “Mastadon”, where remains have been found in the Hudson Valley area.

They have now issued 2 flaps.

Below is the First Flap.

Mahicantuck Lodge #15 First Flap S1

Mahicantuck Lodge #15 First Flap S1

The stats for this should be
15 Mahicantuck S1 PUR R M/C GRN GRN FDL, GRN WWW, 15 First Flap

Patchscan shows 1000 were made.

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