Bill Freeman recently posted this to Patch-L.  In this age of council mergers and camp sales, it is never more true:

It may have been the first place that you went for a week without your family.
You may have gone swimming in a lake for the first time.
You may have been in a canoe or rowboat for the first time
You may have slept in a wall tent for the first time.
You may have been tapped out and took your ordeal there.
You may have kept your Vigil there.
You may have worked there and it was your best summer job ever.
You may have earned many of your merit badges there.
You may have worked very hard in making it a better place for all scouts.
You may have visited other council camps while attending an Area Meeting or Section Conclave.
You may have gone back for a visit.
You may still be going there with your scouts.
You may drive by where the entrance was after the camp was closed in favor of a larger camp of a merged council.
It may have not had the best facilities, may not have been in the best location, and may have been too small, but it was ‘your’ camp.
Bill is mainly a Camp Patch trader, and his homepage can be found here.

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