Section NE-7A 2011 Conclave Issues

The final Section NE-7A Conclave was held at Camp Turrell, hosted be Lenapehoking Lodge IX and the theme was Be Prepared, Be Extreme.

There were three items issued for the event:

A Participant Pocket patch with Loop

Section NE-7A 2011 Participant Pocket patch with Loop

and a Trading Post Issue without the loop:

Section NE-7A 2011 Trading Post Pocket Patch

and a six inch Jacket Patch

Section NE-7A 2011 Jacket Patch

Update: June 30, 2012 There was also a COC version of the patch.

Section NE-7A 2011 COC Patch

The lodges which make up Section NE-7A are:

  • Sakuwit Lodge #2
  • Lenapehoking Lodge #9
  • Shu-Shu-Gah Lodge #24
  • Woapalanne Lodge #43
  • Man-A-Hattin Lodge #82
  • Aquehongian Lodge #112



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  1. Frank Caccavale says:

    There is also a gold mylar patch that was handed out to the COC members.

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