2011 Northeast Region OA Section Realignment

I have been told that the Northeast Region will be realigning its OA sections after the 2011 conclave season due to Council Mergers and the retirement of two Area Directors. It is my understanding that the GNYC Lodges will be back togther again for the 2012 Conclave Season. From what I have heard, it will be the 5 GNYC lodges, the 2 Long Island Lodges, one or two Lodges from just north of NYC and one from Conneticut (#427). No word on what the section number will be.

Still looking for full details of the proposed structure for all of NYS and the rest of the Region. Anyone have information to share?



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Table of contents for Northeast Region 2011 OA Section Realignment

  1. 2011 Northeast Region OA Section Realignment
  2. 2011 Northeast Region OA Section Realignment Update
  3. 2011 Northeast Region OA Section Realignment – the Full List
  4. 2011 Northeast Region OA Realignment


  1. Bro. AJK says:

    Is this limited to the NE or are all regions realigning?

  2. Dave Scocca says:

    I certainly hope that the Susquehannock/Tuckahoe merger will somehow lead to the lodges now in NE-6A/NE-6B ending up in sections with more than four lodges each!

    Out west, where some councils are geographically immense, I can see the need for some small sections to keep travel times reasonabl. In the northeast there’s no such excuse, and four lodges is WAY too small for a good section experience.

  3. nyoatrader says:

    Bro. AJK,
    I only heard NER. If the reasoning is the same, of course it could apply to other Regions too.

    If the driver is the reduced number of Area Directors in the NER I would guess the number of sections (12 Sections across 7 areas) would be reduced.

    Seven Areas to FiveSix , would likely reduce the Sections could lead to Sections A, B & C rather than just the A&B’s of todayeach Area will have an A & B section.

    I agree, I think a section of 7-8 lodges per section is much better than 4. Upwards of 8, unless there are a number of ‘small’ lodges, could be a bit unwieldy at Section Events.