Looking Back – Ten Tips to Improve your Collection

I had previously written about Ten Tips to Improve your Collection, as we near the end of the year and start to think about resolutions, thinking about the future of our various collections may be appropriate.  As you have the time, take a step back and spend some time on what you want to accomplish and where you want your collection to be a year from now.

2. Stay focused on what you are trying to accomplish.

If your one of your primary goals is to create a set of flaps from all of the predecessor lodges from your current section,  it may not be the time to expand your collecting area to the entire Region.

3. Pay Attention To Expenses

Take a hard look at your collecting budget, are you spending it wisely?  Are there things you are buying or subscribing to which do not fit your current collecting vision? Perhaps now is the time to cut them out.  While organizing and protecting your collection are vital, are there less expensive alternatives?

 4. Work Hard & Work Smart

Get organized, know what you need and what you have to offer.  Updating your needs and dupe lists will prevent you from acquiring that long sought after need only to find you had already got one.  Look to trade for your needs through Patch-L, ISCA or other venues where you can knock off a need or two without reaching into your wallet.

What Tips would you add to the list?


“The herd instinct among forecasters makes sheep look like independent thinkers.” – Edgar R. Fiedler


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