Senaca Waterways Council

Brother Andrew Kosmowski sends along a pointer to the new Seneca Waterways Council website. This is the new name for the merger of Otetiana Council and Finger Lakes Council announce earlier this year.

Seneca waterways

The site is still the old Otetiana Council site and is slowly being updated.

There is an artists rendition of the csp design for the new council.

Senaca Waterways Council CSP design

Senaca Waterways Council CSP design

The OA Lodges will be merging later, as part of the rechartering process.  However talks are well underway.


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  1. Robert Mathis says:

    Unless the CSP is large enough to touch both shoulders at the same time, there is no way that design can be rendered as is. Way too complicated a design, too many small details to render well at a level above microscopic.

  2. Bro. AJK says:

    Dear Bill,

    One thing I appreciated about the Otetiana website was that right after the merger it had a photo of B-H. It seemed like they were doing their best to keep the merger in a god overall spirit.

  3. Matt Crance says:

    I love how the picture shows more land mass in the Seneca Waterways Council than there really is…. I agree the patch looks to busy; they passed up some other less complicated designs for this one. I liked the one that showed the lakes and city like this one but showed lilacs also in the foreground like the old grape vines in the old FLC patch.

  4. nyoatrader says:

    I heard at the Empire State TOR last weekend that the design has been simplified. Not sure if it has been finalized yet.

  5. CSP trader: I would like to trade for 5 Regular wear when they DO come out. Do like the pic (but do remember KISS) and hope they do not use the FLAT cardboard like computer system National has gone to!!!

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