Highest Priced Single 2009 NOAC Issue?

Devan Plantamura left a comment on an earlier post regarding a high priced NOAC set from Lodge #47.

I do have to say that although this may be the most expensive set of patches from a single lodge, it does have some competition with the most expensive single patch from
a single lodge. Check this link out. My buddy put this up a week ago and look where its
at now.

Here is the eBay auction he pointed out:

Tannu-Lodge-346-NOAC-2009You can click on the image to be brought to the auction for the next couple of month.

I assume that this was a very limited delegate issue, with two bidders duking it out to the end.

Does anyone have a higher priced single issue from the 2009 NOAC?


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  1. Devan Plantamura says:

    That wasn’t actually a delegate bill. Word from my friend is that it was a back patch that only delegates could buy. But he happens to have 2 more. So they were obviously not that obscure. Im am pretty positive there want a limit on these back patches

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