New York OA Trader

Collecting New York State one Patch at a time.


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New York OA Trader

Collecting New York State one Patch at a time.

My Needslist

Bill Mulrenin

I collect all New York State Order of the Arrow Issues this includes chapter items and lodge activity patches, particularly all Lodge#24 items (activity, neckerchiefs and Chapter issues). I have many more LodgeEvent and Chapter items not listed listed here. Let me know what you have, will buy or trade for my needs listed below. Issues are as per "Blue Book VI."

4 Ranachqua A0.5, 0.6a, 0.6b, 0.7, 1b, 2b, ARM1, C1, F3, L1, 2, S9a, X1, N0.5, 2, 6, 8, 9, 12, el1970, eN1949, eL1955
15 Chappegat F1a, L1, R1, X1a, 3, N0.5, 1, 1.5, 1.7, 5.2, 6a,
15 Mide any item not listed in the Blue Book
15 Ktemaque J1, eN1977, S38.5 (Blu bor)
19 Sisilijia F7b, S1, N0.5,
19 Ganienkeh S1c
19 Haudenausee X5 (2004 NOAC CSP), N1
24 Shu-Shu-Gah J1, N1b, 2, 3, 4a, 4b, 7, all chap issues,Bischuwi R1, Kotohke N2, Petapan F1, Showandassee J1
28 Half Moon S9b, S40 BLU, X2, N2, 3.5,
30 Tkaen-Dod S22 Elangomat, Senaca R1
32 Tahawus N1
34 Gonlix A1c,
34 Ko Nosh I Oni N1a
34 Ona Yote J0.7 Purple Rock Dancers
34 Ohkwaliha∑KŠ S3, Anything new
47 Hanigus R1, 2, 3, N2, eL1949, eR1953, eX1954, eL1956, eL1957
48 Wakpominee A1, 2, 4, F3, L1, N0.7, 3.5

49 Suanhacky F2c, X1a, 6, 53 (Vigil Rit), eL1959, Amagansett X1, Taeoq N1, White Buffalo N1
64 Skanando F1a, 1c, N0.7, 0.8,
82 Man-A-Hattan S8a, X1b (No Twill), eR2002-1, Powhatan N1, 2
86 Nacha Nimat P1 (Elangomat), F2(Eagle), S31 (GMY Arrowcorps5), S49X31 Gold 2012 NOAC
95 Ty-Ohni C1, F2b, S3b, 7c (PB F/RE), 11b, 11c, N2.5, 3, 4, 6, 8.7
112 Aquehongian S20b, X1b
120 Gosh Wha Gono J5a, X2 (Elangomat)
159 Ganosote F1c, N0.5, 2b, 2d,
159 Ho-Dee-No-Sau-Nee F1b (NE Reg Chief TL ), S18/X5 wht bor 98NOAC, S43 (arrowcorps5), S45/X21 09NOAC N2, eX2007
165 Chautaqua F2a, P1, N1
165 Ho-Nan-Ne-Ho-Ont S3b, 15(GMY N00), X2,
172 Otahnagon R1, Ches Ches Nopa N1a, Ochenang N1,
181 Mahikan L1, S1, N0.5, 1,
181 Nischa Nimat S5b, 9a,
186 Wakanda P1b, N11, 12,
219 Lowanne Nimat
246 Wakoda A1
246 Horicon F2a
247 Tahgajute F1c, N0.5
267 Mohawk R2
268 Ta-Oun-Ya-Wat-Ha C1, S11.6 (exists?), N1a, 2,

294 Kamargo F1, R2a, 3a, S1b, X1, N1, 1.5, 4 (Tan cloth),
339 Tana Wis Qua N1
339 Amo'Chk F1b, 3a, N5 (79 NOAC),
339 Ashokwahta Anything new
357 Adirondack P2c,  
360 Shinnecock P1b, 2a, R1a, 3, 4, X?(Jazz) N2.5, 3, 4, 5, eR1972, eR1974a, eR1988-1, eX2006
364 Loon F1, 2, P1, S3b, 10b, 13b, N1,
364 Kittan anything new
394 Senaca N1a,
402 Onteroraus P1, S1b, 10,
409 Tuighaunock F1a, S 16 (red Bor 53x114),
410 Aola S1c, S3b,
410 Nischa Nitis  S4b, X1b, 1.5a, N4,
412 Buckskin F3a, 6, J0.5, 0.7, L1b, 3a, R1a, S1b, 3a, 16b, N4, 5b, 5.1, 5.2, 5.3, 5.4, 5.5, 5.8, 8,
417 Ganeodiyo R2,3, S5, 8, N1, Paldani N1
443 Nooteeming S2b,
461 Manatoanna F4, N2,
465 Yahnundasis any item not listed in the Blue Book
477 Ah Wa Ge any item not listed in the Blue Book
477 Gajuka N2.3 (Ceremony Team)
500 Ona Yote Kaonaga N1,
516 Onandaga any item not listed in the Blue Book
546 Chi Sigma S1,
547 Ga-Goh'-Sa F1, 

As the New York State Editor for the "Blue Book." I'm always looking for new NYS OA issues for my personal collection as well as information to keep the "Blue Book" as up to date as possible. If you have correction or additions to the "Blue Book" info, please contact me at the address above.

Order of the Arrow Section Conclave Needs:

These are items I know exist, there are likely more items I need from these Area and Section Conclaves.
Area 2-A 64N (stars), 67N, 70N, 71 N (Yel cloth),
Area 2-D 52N, 53 NS, 62X, 64N Staff, 65NS,
Area 2-E 66NS, 67NS,
Area 2-G 54PP, 54Ns, 54N Yel, 54NS, 61N BLK WWW
Area 2-H 63N (exists?),
Area 2-J 63L
NE-2A 74N (RED) 83N staff, 87A Staff, 90N, 93N, 95J 2010X QLS BLK, 2010J, 2010 PIN 2011 QLS BLK
NE-2B 79N, 2001J GMY, 2003J, 2004J, 2007J GMY,
NE-2C 87N STAFF, 2004 R red, 2005X WHT BOR, 2005X GMY
NE-3A 94X RED, 94X BLU, 2009X GRN, 2013X BLK, 2013X, BLK
NE-4A 2009X (LBL), 2014X BRN C,
NE-5 95N, 2000N GRN Piping
NE-7B 89N 2009R RED, 2009R GMY,

Northeast Region 2001 Jambo GMY border Dome, 2004 NOAC SMY border Rectangle, 2006 NOAC GMY Dome,

Ten Mile River Scout Camp Needs:

I also collect all pre 1965 Ten Mile River Scout Camp items (patches, n/c's, slides, maps, staff items, etc.)

TMR Scout felt pocket patch: Upgrades only (with Tab) Org/Red,

TMR Staff Neckerchief Needs:
Aquehonga: 49, 51, 52, 53, 55, 59,
Chappegat: 49, 50, 51, 53,
Davis Lake: 59,
Headquarters: 57, 58, 59,
Iphetonga: 58,
Keowa: 59,
Kernochan: 54,
Kunatah: 51, 53PP,
Man: 52
Nianque (Unit C): 55, 59,
Ranachqua: 49, 50, 55,
Rondack: 59,

TMR Staff have patch only need on Neckerchief:
Aquehonga 50, 54,
Chappegat 54
Man 50, 51
Manhattan: 49, 50,
Rondack: 55,

Ten Mile River Scouting Exposition Overprints:
Need Davis Lake, Iphetonga, Ranachqua, Rondack

Lt Green Indian Cliff Silkscreens circa 1979:
Have: Aquehinga, Keowa
Need: Kernochan, Kunatah

Atlantic District Pioneer Camp - Third (1960),

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