Updated Location – Allegheny Highlands Council Annual Trade-O-Ree May 21, 2022

Annual Allegheny Highlands Council Annual Trade-O-Ree May 21, 2022

we get ready for spring, that means the TOR season is starting up again many of them after a COVID Hiatus. I have four TOR’s lined up over the next 4 months. The third is the Annual Allegheny Highlands Trade-O-Ree scheduled for May 21, 2022 to Benefit the HO NAN NE HO ONT LODGE, Order of the Arrow. This was one of the few TOR’s held in the NE in the spring of 2021. The TOR normally sells out, so if your interested get your reservations in.


When:Saturday, May 21, 2022 (10 am – 4 pm) Set up begins at 9:00 AM

Tables:Scout Memorabilia (Sellers or Traders) and Scouting Activities are $15 each

Admission Free to scouts in uniform, $1 for all others

Regular Auction: 2:00PM sharp.

For more info contact: rymorris at hotmail dot com

Here is the flyer for the TOR with the new location.

Since this is now the spring, the logistics for this finally work for me, I’m planning to attend and will be looking for new NY OA issues and some fellowship with my fellow threadheads.

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