Mayflower Council – CSP Design

A bit northeast of New York State, a new Council is born, and have released a design for their first CSP.

The Mayflower Council was established in 2017 and is a result of the consolidation of Scouting programming that has served Greater Metro West and the South Shore areas of Massachusetts for over a century. Comprised of territory that was once part of the Algonquin, Norumbega, Knox Trail, Squanto, and Old Colony Councils

The Camp Squanto Alumni Association announced:

Here is the new … and 1st … CSP for the Mayflower Council. It has the silhouette a Pilgrim and a Native American facing a mayflower. This is the design, the mayflower and green crest, that is on the back of the Mayflower II in Plymouth Harbor. The silver border will go out to those registered in the new year, then the border will be gold.

Mayflower Council First CSP Design

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