State of the Hobby – Ranachqua Lodge Wulowachtauwoapin Chapter N1

An auction recently ended on eBay which had me scratching my head a bit. The auction was one with a poorly written title “Order of the Arrow Neckerchief. The description did contain the Chapter name – WULOWACHTAUWOAPIN.

WULOWACHTAUWOAPIN was a chapter of Ranachqua Lodge #4.

4 chap n Clicking on the image will bring you to the auction results for the next few months.

The bidding on this was very spirited, 11 bidders made 22 bids driving the price up to over $ 216.00 before the auction ended. More importantly there were 5 unique bidders still in it at $ 140 or higher.

While this is a rarely seen chapter issue from a merged lodge, based on the known collectors of NYC OA issues I would have expected this to sell in the $50-100 range. Typically for these sorts of items while the supply is low, there is also not very high demand.

Does anyone know why this one went so high?

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