Look Back – Ranachqua Lodge #4 New Neckerchief N15

Eight years ago in June 2007, we were posting about a new Lodge neckerchief from Ranachqua Lodge #4. Ranachqua Lodge #4 since merged with the 4 other GNYC Lodges to form Kintecoying Lodge #4 in April 2013.

John Tegtmeier previously had shared the sewout of the new Ranachqua Lodge neckerchief tentatively designated the N15. The neckerchief are now in, and in the scan at least, there are no discernible differences. John advises the Black Cloth and Green Piping represent the Lodge colors.  John further advises “Run of 100, produced by Stadri Emblems.”

Ranachqua Lodge #4 New Neckerchief N15

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