New Council Information – Illinois/Indiana/Chicago Area Council Mergers

Bob Cylkowski posted to Patch-L about an upcoming council consolidation in the metro Chicago Area.

The purpose of this letter is to inform you of the creation of a new Council in the Chicago metropolitan and Northwestern Indiana areas.

Four councils – Northwest Suburban, Chicago Area, Des Plaines Valley and Calumet will all be served by this new yet unnamed council. A contest will be held among the youth membership to determine the name.

Local Pack, Troop, Crew and Post structure and program will not be affected! In addition, no changes are being made to District operations.

Everyone who is registered in one of the four councils mentioned above, will be automatically registered in the new council.

Unit numbers will remain the same.

District names, and boundaries will not change.

The council will continue to operate four Council Service Centers for the convenience of Scouting families.

Here is a link to the full notice.

What the exact format will be; a single council or some version of the field service councils now in use in Michigan remains to be seen. As does the outcome for the Owasippe and the other effected OA lodges.


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