Lowanne Nimat Lodge #219 – A Tale of Three Flaps S1 First Flap

A funny thing happened on the way to the first flap from Lowanne Nimat Lodge #219. For those keeping track, Lowanne Nimat Lodge was the result of Hiawatha Seaway Council absorbing Cayuga County Council, the new council changed its name to Longhouse Council.

The original idea was:

The new lodge name is Lowanne Nimat which means (Brothers of the North) our totem is the Gougou which is like a Sasquatch.

It now seems that they will be using a fox as the lodge totem due to some potentially negative connotations for the Gougou.  However the NJ flaps had been approved and ordered with the Gougou and delays in the production in the regular issue flap with the fox totem caused it to come out as the third issue from the lodge.

So by the calendar, the first flap released was the one shown below.  It was available to Lodge members prior to the National Jamboree.

Lowanne Nimat Lodge #219 First Flap S1

the Blue Books stats for this one should be:
S1 DBL R M/C BLK WHT FDL; BLK 2010 National Scout Jamboree, Centennial Logo

The next two post will detail the S2 contingent flap and the firs regular issue flap which will be considered the Charter Member Flap.

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Table of contents for Lowanne Nimat - A Tale of Three Flaps

  1. Lowanne Nimat Lodge #219 – A Tale of Three Flaps S1 First Flap
  2. Lowanne Nimat Lodge #219 – A Tale of Three Flaps S2
  3. Lowanne Nimat Lodge #219 – A Tale of Three Flaps S3 Charter Member
  4. And than there were four – Lowanne Nimat Lodge #219 S4


  1. Gary Moshier says:

    Hi Bill,

    Lowanne Nimat lodge update.

    S-1 Lodge flap of record is the Black Border flap with the red fox and
    Indian at the fire (Blk Bdr Chartered Member Limited)

    S-2 Lodge flap of record is the Blue Border flap with the red fox and
    Indian at the fire (Blu Bdr Reg. Membership Trader)

    The other two issues were made for the 2010 Jamboree and the totem Gougou which is like a Sasquatch was not approved by national.

    When I asked the question which is the first flap? This was the answer
    I received.


  2. nyoatrader says:


    I agree the totem was changed. But National approved the 2 Jamboree designs and they were issued first chronologically.

    The Lodge can call the S3 their Charter Member flap and it is the first flap approved for the general membership, but is was not the first flap the lodge issued.

  3. Ray Gould says:

    Hi Gary-

    The lodge is certainly quite free to call the Charter Member flap whatever it wants. However, a lodge approved flap (made available to anyone in the lodge wishing to place order) that predates the Charter Member issue is undeniably the First Flap (by definition, the 3rd Flap cannot be deemed the First Flap…as Bill mentioned, it is a matter of chronology). Regardless, enjoy them all! These side-notes in our Scouting history are what make the hobby fun.

    Best wishes-

  4. Gary Moshier says:

    Hi Ray & Bill

    Should the first two patches be called J1 & J2 as they were made for the 100 year Ann. ???? The Gougou was never approved by National.
    The Red Fox as a totem.

    Maybe the Red Fox Issues should be S-1 & S-2


  5. nyoatrader says:


    The J designation is for Jacket patches.

    The S designation is for solid flaps.

    While the S3 may be first regular issue flap, and it may be the first flap issued with the red fox lodge totem. It is not the first flap issued by the lodge.

    Short of a time machine to bring the S3 back to the fellowship weekend in June; they were issued when they were issued (weeks after the two Jambo flaps).

    What is called the First Flap by collectors is the first lodge flap issued chronologically for Lowanne Nimat Lodge #219 this was the Jamboree flap not the Charter Member flap.

    Collect what you want, and catalog them how you want, but the facts are the facts.

    I have all four flaps issued by the lodge in my collection. Has the lodge issued anything new?

  6. Gary says:


    No new Issues other than the four we have talked about. Enjoyed your knowledge and you input


  7. Ray Gould says:

    Hi Gary-

    I know you come from a strong CSP background and is perhaps a source of confusion here. In CSP collecting, you refer to them as JSP’s (correct?…help me because I’m not 100% sure). In OA collecting, no separate distinction is made for Jamboree/NOAC flaps. If it’s flap shaped, it receives either an S-01 (or F, W, L designation depending on the material used to make the flap). Event distinctions are made for non-flap shaped items…but if it is shaped like a flap, it’s a “flap”. Further, if it was issued first, it’s the “first flap”. Bill’s right, the lodge can call it whatever it wants but the “hobby” sees it different. Regardless of whether or not, National BSA approved the totem, they approved the patch (making it “official”) and was approved by the lodge for sale to the general membership. To me, it’s what makes this whole thing fun…there are stories…and “hiccups” which result in interesting unintended outcomes. Good stuff!
    Best wishes-

  8. Ray Gould says:

    whoops…meant to say:

    “…receives either an S (or F, W…”

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