Area 2-J 1957 Conclave Neckerchief

conclaveGene Berman had done some research on the founding of Area 2-J. His research showed that Area 2-J was organized in 1956 on a experimental basis. In November, 1957 the five GNYC lodges as well as Chappegat 15, Hanigus 47, Shinnecock 360, Buckskin 412 met at Camp Ranachqua, Ten Mile River Scout Camps in Narrowsburg, NY. This appeared to be a one-time event or planning meeting.

There was a neckerchief issued for the event:

Area 2-J 1957 Conclave Neckerchief
Area 2-J 1957 Conclave Neckerchief

Not sure why only the totems for the 5 GNYC lodges appear on the neckerchief.

Thanks to Tom Wadnola for the scan.

You can find links to other New York Area Conclave issues on this page.


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