Knowledge is Power – Area I 1945 Conclave



  1. Dave Scocca says:

    “OA Conclaves are one of the few remaining mainly uncataloged areas in OA Collecting.”

    We’re working on it. At the OAImages blog, John Pannell is going through all the North Carolina conclaves, and I’m posting about all the Region 3 area meetings/conferences through the end of the twelve-region system in 1973. I’m only up to 1955 so far–lots of ground left to cover–but it will all end up posted.

  2. John Pannell says:

    IMO, the starting bid is probably scaring folks away. Who wants to be the only bidder at “top dollar”? …especially given today’s environment.

  3. nyoatrader says:

    Looks like you were right, not even a last minute snipe. Now this one a 1948 OA NORTH CAROLINA FELLOWSHIP MEETING from just a couple of years later started at $ 0.99 and is now over $ 200.00 with nearly 3 days to go.

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