Section NE-2B 1987 Conclave Issues

Here are a pair of images from the 1987 Section NE-2B Conclave. Update: The conclave was held at Camp Woodland and hosted by Nischa Nitas Lodge #410 on the weekend of September 11-13, 1987.
Tom Wadnola supplies an image of the pocket patch, the neckerchief is from my collection.

and the neckerchief:

The design is reminiscent of Onondaga Lodge #516, but they merged back in 1968 with Aola #410 to form Nischa Nitas #410.  Was this a homage to #516?

Were any other items issued for this event?



  1. Neale Cummings says:

    I need both for my collection should someone have an extra set.


  2. Dave Scocca says:

    I do not know the significance of the longhouse pictured, but I know that the design was also used for a CP from the Onondaga Council, and that a patch with that same design was used for the Onondaga District of the Hiawatha Council (Nischa Nitis 410) and appears on the history page for the Onondaga District of the current Hiawatha Seaway Council.

    It does not appear that the longhouse reflects an actual structure at Camp Sabattis (as does the Delmont Lodge cabin totem), but it has definitely been used by both the council and the lodge, and has continued to be used by at least some districts in the councils that have succeeded the original Onondaga Council.

  3. nyoatrader says:

    Thanks for the comment. It certainly does appear related. Of course it could be that someone just liked the design, but it seems too coincidental to just be chance.

  4. J.Groves says:

    The program booklet for the weekend states:

    in oder [sic] for one to earn the participation award, one is required to:
    a) Attend all 3 Training Sessions
    b) Have 3″ x 5″ card signed

    Does anyone know what the award was?

    Also, five Lodges in attendance were (based on camp site assignments):
    Ona Yote #34
    Gosh-Wa-Gono #120
    Tahgajute #247
    Karmargo #294
    Nischa Nitis #410 (Hosting)

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