2007 World Brotherhood Camporee

Ray Gould sends along this report on the World Brotherhood Camporee:

Perhaps the finest patch trading event north of the Thruway (my humble opinion) has come and gone again for another year.  The 2007 World Brotherhood Camporee wrapped up today and many patches changed hands throughout the weekend (Sept. 28-30).  This year’s Camporee was held on the Canadian side (“odd” years are held in Canada and the “even” years are held at Wellesley Island State Park near the border…not far from I-81).  The Canadian Scouts hosted nearly 2,000 Scouts and Scouters at their State (Provincial?) park near Morrisburg, Ontario (right?…I’ve been going so many years, I no longer pay much attention to where I’m going…the car just seems to drive itself there).  This Camporee has been held since it’s inception in 1974.  The patches which rule the day are definitely the World Brotherhood series of items (furthered by a tremendous display from our Canadian friend, the “Tomahawk Guy” Kevin Ryan).  In addition,  Kevin makes available a nice collecting guide for World Brotherhood Camporee items and includes many historical references throughout.  CSP’s also dominate the event with some OA being available as well.  I saw some newer pieces available from NY lodges (which were not solely in the possession of the “big” collectors) made available for trade (Kittan, 34, 86, 95, 219, 247, and 402 come quickly to mind).  Some older OA pieces were definitely available but you had to seek them out (95% of all trading occurs on the grass in the main activity area much like a National Jamboree).  Seasoned collectors keep their “good stuff” in the car (or backpack) but happy to pull items out and negotiate a trade.  Perennial trading friends I bumped into at the WBC include (but not limited to…sorry to whomever I missed): Mike Hinman, Geoff McIntyre, Kevin Nugent, Bob and Vicki Burt, Ed White, Lyman Lyon, Kevin Ryan, and Steve Austin.  Everyone I spoke with had a great day “on the field”.  If you’ve never been to “the Brotherhood”, come visit us next year on the “American side” at Wellesley Island…can’t wait!

A Little digging on the Web

The World Brotherhood Camporee is an annual event held every September with approximately 3,000 attendees.  Each year the Loyalist Area, Scouts Canada and the Hiawatha Seaway Council, BSA take turns hosting this camporee.  In even years, it’s held on the US side at Wellesley Island State Park (in the Thousand Islands across from Clayton, NY).  In odd years it’s held in Canada at Riverside Cedar Provincial Park (near Morrisburg, ON). The program varies from camporee to camporee but the one big constant is badge trading.  Proceeds from the camp help support projects of the Canadian Scout Brotherhood Fund.

Here is a link with many of the patches issued for the event over the years for the World Brotherhood Camporee.

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