Buckskin Lodge #412 Plaster Neckerchief Slide

The lucky thirteenth slide in the series on NY OA Neckerchief slides and bolos is also from Buckskin Lodge #412. You can find previous entries by clicking on the neckerchief slide category in the left sidebar.

This slide may be homemade. Has anyone else seen one? It is made of plaster with a wire embedded in the back for the slide. The coloring appears to be paint.

Buckskin Lodge #412 Plaster Neckerchief Slide

The design is from the L1 of the Lodge, the Buckskin Tab. Image courtesy of The Internet Guide for OA Images .

Buckskin Lodge Tab L1a


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Author: nyoatrader
To share information about new or newly discovered Order of the Arrows patches, flaps, odd-shapes, neckerchiefs, event and chapter issues from New York State Order of the Arrow Lodges, warnings about fakes, spoof, and reproductions and any other information that may be of interest to New York State OA Collectors.

1 thought on “Buckskin Lodge #412 Plaster Neckerchief Slide

  1. The black and white plaster Buckskin Lodge OA slide is genuine; the ones i’ve see have a plastic ring partially embedded into the back so it can slide over a rolled neckerchief. I’ve never seen the red one.
    I had one of white ones, which i have just sent off to a fellow camp counselor at Camp Wauwepex from the 60s-70s, who lost his. I am interested in buying another one if you know of any for sale.

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