Kintecoying Lodge #4 Trails of Ten Mile River 3-piece set

Kintecoying Lodge in conjunction with the Greater New York Council and the Ten Mile Scout Museum has issued a three piece set, CSP, Flap and Chevron which commemorates the 90th Anniversary of Ten Mile River Scout Camps, the 20th Anniversary of the TMR Museum and the hiking trails of TMR.

Kintecoying Lodge #4 Trails of Ten Mile River 3-piece set

Kintecoying Lodge #4 Trails of Ten Mile River 3-piece set

Individual patches or the full three piece sets can be ordered online via the TMR Museum Store or through the flyer.

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Ten Mile River Trader

Posting has been light here of late as I have been spending some time on the sister site, the Ten Mile River Trader.

The mission statement for that site is similar to the New York OA Trader site:

The main purpose of this blog is to share information about new Ten Mile River Scout Camp issues, the discovery of previously uncatalogued issues, warnings about fakes, spoof, and reproductions and information that may be of interest to other Ten Mile River or Scout Camp Patch Collectors.

In addition, I plan to use this site to gather information about the “orphan” GNYC Camps. Those no longer in existence, but whose memory lives on in those who camped there and in the memorabilia they issued. To include Kanes Open, Henry Kaufmann Scout Camp, Sanita Hills and John Rueger Explorer Base and any other GNYC short term camp.

Clicking on the image will bring you to the site

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GNYC 2011 The Birds of Ten Mile River CSP sets

Of interest to those of you who collect CSP’s from NY councils may be two new CSP sets from Greater New York Councils and the Ten Mile river Scout Museum who have combined to issue 2 sets of 10 CSP’s which depict various birds which are found throughout Sullivan County and Ten Mile River Scout Camps.

Birds of TMR - The Great Blue Heron CSP

There are two varieties, a limited edition set (only 60 made) and a larger run set a white border. More information and a flyer to order these patches can be found on the TMR Museum website. These CSP’s are a bit over-sized at 65mm by 130mm to better show the details on the birds.