State of the Hobby – Hanigus Lodge #47 R3

An auction recently ended for an old tough issue from New York State. Hanigus Lodge #47 merged with Chappegat Lodge #15 to form Mide Lodge #15 in 1957. They never issued a flap, so even their odd shapes command a premium price.

Clicking on the image will bring you to the auction results for the next few months.

There was just a single bidder who knew what he wanted and who took the patch down for the minimum of $ 899.99


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State of the Hobby – Old Boy Scout Order of the Arrow Brotherhood Pin-OA Gold Chipmunk Totem-Hood

A big ticket item of interest to New York OA collectors recently ended on eBay.

Clicking on the image will bring you to the auction results for the next few weeks.

The seller knew he had something good, and started the bidding a $ 999.99. there were only two bidders and 3 bids, but it ended at $ 2380.00.

Bill T. posted this on Facebook:

This beautiful standing chipmunk pin is from Hanigus Lodge 47 of Mt. Vernon, New York. It is has the “Hood” hallmark and “XX” (20 karat gold) and dates to the 1930s. It is the only know example of this totem in gold. There are two known examples in silver, one is Hood and dates to the early 1940s from Hanigus Lodge (in my collection) and the other is J.E. Caldwell and dates to the 1950s and was used by Kamargo Lodge.


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Hanigus Lodge #47 Belt Buckle

Here is another image from Bob Fenty, this one a belt buckle for Hanigus Lodge #47 and Camp Waubeeka.

Hanigus Lodge #47 Belt Buckle

Hanigus Lodge #47 Belt Buckle

Anyone have samples of other NYS OA Belt Buckles?

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Hanigus Lodge #47 1957 Leather eL1957

An auction recently ended on eBay for a Hanigus Lodge #47 eL1957 not currently pictured on OA Images. The three rounds issued by the lodge all command in excess of $ 1,000. The event issues significantly less although not often seen.

Clicking on the image will bring you to the auction for the next few months.

There were 13 bids from 7 unique bidders before the hammer cam down.

If the winner reads this blog, I’d like a good scan or photo as well as getting one to OA Images.

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Hanigus Lodge #47 R3

An eBay Auction ended recently for what is probably one of the 3 toughest Lodges in New York State, or at least one of the 3 most expensive. The auction was for a Hanigus Lodge #47 R3.

Clicking on the image, will bring you to the auction for the next few months.

This issue is seen somewhat regularly on eBay for $ 1500+.  This time the bidding started at $ 750 and 3 separate bidders drove it up to just $ 910.00.

A sign of the times? or is this more the ‘true’ value since you no longer need a Hanigus to complete a numbers set?


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Buried Treasure – Hanigus Lodge #47 N2

An auction ended on eBay last night which contained a Hanigus Lodge #47 N2, their 30th Anniversary neckerchief. Buried Treasure?

There was no mention of Hanigus Lodge in the auction title or description but there it was in the image.

Clicking on the image will bring you to the auction results for the next few months.

Eight separate bidders found this auction, and 5 of them were willing to pay more than $ 75.00.  the final price was nearly $ 140.

thanks to Ray Gould for pointing this one out to me. If you have an auction you think would qualify, please drop me a note or leave a comment.


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Amangi Nacha Lodge Complete 2009 NOAC set – Not sold

Ebay LogoI wrote about a Amangi Nacha Lodge Complete 2009 NOAC set which was listed on eBay.  Back in August the same set sold for $ 460.00.  This time it went unsold.

47 unsold

Clicking on the image, will bring you to the auction for the next couple of months.

I guess the NOAC Feeding Frenzy is over at least at this price point.  Those with the deepest pockets have filled their needs, and those with shallow pockets are not interested at least at this price.


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