Area 2-A 1968 Conclave

conclaveThe 1968 Area 2-A Conclave was hosted by Ken-Etiwa-Pec Lodge #362. The theme was “Bound in Brotherhood.”

As far as I know, there was only a single issue for the event, a pocket patch.

Area 2-A 1968 Pocket Patch

Area 2-A 1968 Pocket Patch

Thanks to Tom Wadnola for the scan.

According to the OA Section List, Area 2-A consisted of the following lodges:

  • Mide Lodge #15
  • Horicon Lodge #246
  • Iaoapogh Lodge #286
  • Aheka Lodge #359
  • Ken-Etiwa-Pec Lodge #362
  • Munsi Lodge #444
  • Minisi Lodge #449
  • Oratam Lodge #484
  • Oleleu Lodge #515)
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