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Look Back – 409 Tuighaunock S16 – Whatsit

Back in May of 2007 I asked about the 409 Tuighaunock S16.

I am looking for a 409S16. Unfortunately I don’t know what it looks like as there is not one pictured on Do you have one you could trade to me, and if not, do you have a picture of one so I know what I am looking for?

I did not have one than, and still don’t have one.

My long running suspicion is that it may be a dupelicate listing of the S14 S14.5 or another S10 design variant.

By S10 variant, I mean following the design of the S10 (pictured below) but with the dimensions of the S16 description.

The Blue book description of the S16 is:
S16 RED R M/C RED DYL FDL; 53x114mm

Image used with the permission of OAImages

409 Tuighaunock S10

Does anyone have a 409 S16 in their collection or duplicates?

I’d be interested in a trade or at least a good scan to validate the existence of the issue and upgrade the BB description.

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Shinnecock Lodge Whatsit?

Matt Schieferstein sends along an image of what appears to be an unlisted event item from Shinnecock Lodge #360.

I recently acquired the patch included in the attached image on that auction popular site. I have exhausted my local resources to identify the patch. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

As you can see, the patch contains the number 75 which would make one think that this was an event issue from 1975. The patch contains the Lodge name and Wepawaug which was a chapter from Arcoon Lodge #369 from across the Long Island Sound.

Also the word Tgauchsin appears in a different color lettering. According to a Lenni Lenape dictionary:
Tgauchsin: to be good, to be kind, to be meek, to be friendly, to be good natured.

This would suggest a Fellowship or Conclave type event.

Shinnecock Wepawaug Whatsit?

Look familiar to you New England Collectors? Can anyone help Matt out?

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Massawepie Whatsit?

Rob Mathis sent along an image from Massawepie Scout Camps which as you can see below, contained 3 W’s. He asked if it was related to Ty-ohni Lodge? I sent out a few request for information, and Bill Boyle responded.

The Ws are supposed to be tufts of swamp grass. Someone couldn’t draw. Not related to the Lodge at all. It was the 1973 Voyageur camp patch.

So not an OA issue.

1973 Massewepie Scout Camps Voyageur

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Area 2-G Whatsit Neckerchief

I had previously written about the 1955 Area 2-G Conclave and speculated about an undated neckerchief. The neckerchief in question, recently appeared on eBay.
does anyone know, what year this neckerchief was issued for?

Clicking on the image will bring you to the auction results for the next few months



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1977 Allegheny Trails Scout Camps Hiawatha

Paul Cox sent along a patch he is looking to get more information about. He wondered if it might be an Order of the Arrow Issue. I did a bit of research with Google and eBay and it appears to be an issue from the old Allegheny Trails Council.

1977 Allegheny Trails Scout Camps

The Allegheny Trails Council merged in 1993 with the East Valley Area Council and to form the Greater Pittsburgh Council.

I don’t think it is an OA issue, it appears the camp patches features various Indian chiefs, currently on eBay there is a patch from 1978 which depicts Pontiac and a leather patch from 1979 which has an image of Tecumseh.

Can anyone confirm what this patch was used for?


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Onondaga Council Seneca Face Whatsit?

questionmarksmallHere is another Whatsit? from Mike Hinman. This one is a round patch with a Seneca False Face Mask and the words Onondaga Council hand written on the patch.

seneca-faceThe Senaca Mask was used by Senaca Lodge #394 out of Elmira, NY as well as Ga-Goh- Sa Lodge #547 from Olean, NY.

Onondaga Lodge #516 which served Onondaga Council was headquartered in Syracuse and used the Iroquois Longhouse as their totem.

While the Seneca were one of the tribes of the Iroquois, there are no known issues from Lodge #516 using this design.

Can anyone shed any light on this?  A district issue perhaps?


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Otetiana Whatsit?

questionmarksmallMike Hinman sends along a whatsit from Otetiana Council, Rochester, New York. Can anyone help Mike in identifying this issue?

Otetiana Whatsit?

Otetiana Whatsit?

The composition and material is reminiscent of the 1954 Area 2-E conclave patch.

A Philmont contingent piece?  The wolf is the Ty-Ohni totem and their is no known 95 Chapter that used a bull.

Can any Lodge #95 readers help Mike out?


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