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Suanhacky Lodge #49 Tamanend Chapter N1 New Variation Discovery

Gene Berman sent along word of a previously unlisted variation of a Suanhacky Lodge #49 Tamanend Chapter N1 variation.

I had checked this one off as a need since I had one in my collection, which we will now call the N1a.

Suanhacky Lodge #49 Tamanend Chapter N1a

Suanhacky Lodge #49 Tamanend Chapter N1a

The Blue Book Description is:
Tamanend N1 DBR P WHT RED SSC,

and I added Orange Background.
Tamanend N1a DBR P WHT RED SSC, Orange Indian & background.

Gene notes:

I picked up what I thought was a duplicate Tamanend Chapter neckerchief on Ebay and was surprised to see the Indian was a different color (orange versus yellow) then the one I already had. I would guess they were ordered twice since they are professionally made which to me is different than the home made things that by their nature will vary.

I’ll call the yellow background the N1b

Suanhacky Lodge #49 Tamanend Chapter N1b

Suanhacky Lodge #49 Tamanend Chapter N1b

and I added Yellow Background.
Tamanend N1b DBR P WHT RED SSC, Yellow Indian & background.

I need the yellow if anyone has one for trade or sale.

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Discovery – Suanhacky Lodge #49 L1

seems to be the time for discoveries, yesterday I listed one from Ganeodiyo Lodge #417 which went back to 2005; today is one from Suanhacky Lodge #49 which dates back to 1981.

Gene Berman and Johannes Knoops shared an image of a Leather patch issued by Sunahacky Lodge #49 when they were the host lodge for the 1981 NE-3A Conclave.

Suanhacky Lodge #49 L1

Suanhacky Lodge #49 L1

The stats for this one are:
L1 – – BRN – BRN TMR, WWW Leather Round with thong

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Look Back – Suanhacky Lodge #49 OBV Chevron X45

Five years ago we were writing about a new issue from Suanhacky Lodge #49, the X45.

Suanhacky Lodge #49 recently issued a limited patch, a gold bordered chevron, sporting the OBV sashes on white felt and a view of the Tower of Friendship overlooking Crystal Lake at sunset. There were reportedly 75 patches issues. A green bordered version with a larger run is scheduled to  be issued as part of the Honors Weekend in May.

Suanhacky Lodge #49 OBV Chevron X45

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Look Back – Suanhacky Lodge #49 Death Flap 1930 – 2013 S74

In April 2013, we were celebrating the birth of Kintecoying Lodge and the ‘death’ of the various GNYC predecessor lodges. Suanhacky Lodge #49 had a bit of fun with their death flap.

Suanhacky was the only lodge to inject a bit of humor into their final flap; the Stag is cooked!

49S death



Look Back – Suanhacky Lodge #49 2012 NOAC Delegate Set S73 X49

Three years ago, we were talking about all of the new 2012 NOAC issues. Here is the 2012 NOAC delegate issue from Suanhacky Lodge #49.

This is Delegate issue. As you can see, it is a brown or maroonish ghost set. It is reportedly limited to 100 sets.

Suanhacky Lodge #49 2012 NOAC Delegate Set S73 X49

The stats on this should be:
S73 BRN R BRN BRN BRN FDL; WHT Queens New York, Delegate w/X49 – 2012 NOAC Delegate
X49 BRN R BRN – BRN FDL; WHT NOAC 2012, w/S73 #7 Subway Car – 2012 NOAC Delegate


State of the Hobby – Suanhacky Lodge #49 R1/X1 on Neckerchief

Another recent sale on eBay of interest to New York State OA collectors was a Suanhacky Lodge #49 felt R1 & X1 on a neckerchief. I’ve been told these neckerchiefs were typically for Lodge officers.

Suanhacky Lodge #49 R1/X1 on Neckerchief

Suanhacky Lodge #49 R1/X1 on Neckerchief

Clicking on the image will bring you to the auction for the next couple of months.

There were 4 bidders on this auction, two of them slugging it out before the hammer came down at over $ 109.00

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Look Back – Suanhacky Lodge #49 eL1959

Back in early October 2008, I wrote about a previously unlisted leather neckerchief slide from Suanhacky Lodge #49 issued in 1959.

Suanhacky Lodge #49 eL1959

Suanhacky Lodge #49 eL1959

The Blue Book stats for this one will be:
eL1959 – – TAN RED – Leather Slide RED WWW, 1959

Anyone have one for trade or sale?


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