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20th Anniversary: OA Section List

One of the best resources for information on what section a lodge is and was in as well as keeping up on changes in the Section Lineups is the OA Section List maintained by Rob Higgens.

OA Section List Current

The OA Section List has just celebrated its 20th Anniversary a few days ago on June 19. That is an incredible accomplishment to keep a website up and running for so long.

You can see the original version by clicking on the image below.
OA SectionList


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Thread Heads – Caldwell Pins

Thread Heads is a irregular video series put out by Jason Spangler and Brad England

In this episode, Jason interviews John Ortt on OA Pins known generically as Caldwell Pins which is a niche area of OA collecting.

With the Order of the Arrow celebrating it’s centennial 2015 this episode of Thread Heads goes back to the earliest lodge insignia before anybody had a lodge pocket flap on their shirt. When the OA was just a few years old some lodges began making Brotherhood and Vigil Honor pins in the same line as popular fraternity pins. The distinguishing factor for many of these was the arrow attached by a short chain to the totem pin. Today these early lodge pins are the rarest of all Order of the Arrow insignia.

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PatchScan Council and Lodge Patch Gallery

I had previously written about PatchScan a smart phone App which can read the QR code on the back of many of the recent BSA patches.


As long as your device has an internet connection, you can scan the special code that’s on the back of many official Boy Scout patches. Once you scan that code, the app will tell you everything you need to know. You’ll even see a scan of a patch from the same production run so you can verify that the patch in your hand is legit.

TS Flap details

There is another feature you can use from the web, the Patch Gallery. And more specifically the Browse by Council or Lodge Function.

I’m not sure how frequently it is updated, as several issues from Kintecoying Lodge which contain QR codes which can be read with the App. These patches were issued in November and December of last year are not included either under the Lodge or Council gallery.

I was able to use it to find a Buckskin Lodge issue which I had not previously been able to confirm.

Give it a try.

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Scouting Hot Finds Podcast – Order of the Arrow Blue Book 2.0

Jason Spangler periodically hosts podcasts on topics of interest to Scout Collectors.

It was

recorded at the Dallas TOR in 2013 there is a discussion led by Roy More of TSPA that catches up on that history and explains what is going on with Blue Book 2.0. The Blue Book was published in 1996 and eventually the printed book included 5 editions that came in two year intervals. The final version was released almost completely as a digital product in 2006.

More Hobbies Podcasts at Blog Talk Radio with Scouting Hot Finds on BlogTalkRadio

Give it a listen.

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Patch Trends – An Online Price Guide

Need to value your patches, want to check to see if the price you’ve been quoted is a good one? There is a new online resource available

Clicking on the image will bring you to the website. is a place to purchase affordable patch price data and analytics.

Brett Estrade and Jason Spangler (As Brett points out in the comments, Jason was not involved in this project) launched several months ago. They have an online Prices Realized Guide, which provides robust, searchable data. It contains eBay data from actual sales since the beginning of the year and now includes pictures of each lot. There are now over 1,000,000 prices. Jason shows how you can use the site to value some patches.

There is a free option, but to get unrestricted access there is a $ 15.00 (now only $ 5.95 an even greater value) per year subscription fee.

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Carolina OA

For those of you whose OA collecting extends outside of New York State, there is a new website to check out.

Carolina OA
Clicking on the image, will bring you to the Site.

Another new effort from Jason Spangler, he describes the reason for website.

There are 17 lodges that stretch across Order of the Arrow sections SR-5 and SR-7B covering North Carolina, South Carolina and a sliver of Georgia. is a website built to share and preserve Scouting history and knowledge of memorabilia among Boy Scout collectors.

Each of the lodges represented in the site has a lodge editor(s) who is charged with providing the latest news on issues from that lodge and also helping to pass on the story of the memorabilia issued over the years.

Still a work in progress, but go check it out. Hopefully some other states will follow suit.

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OA Images – New Feature in Beta

John Pannell has a new feature in beta on OA Images. It gives the user the ability to upload new or missing images to the website. It looks something like this.

When you are on a lodge webpage you will see this button.

Upload images  www_oaimages

I’ve notice in Internet Explorer I need to be signed into the site to see the button, but in Firefox, I see the upload button whether I’m signed in or not. Once you click on the Upload Button you will be brought to a page to add your image.

 Image Upload' - www_oaimages_com_file_upload

Clicking on the image will bring you to a larger version.

Once you have selected your image and filled in some basic information, click submit and you will be brought to this screen.

oaimages_com thanks

And your done. Your image and listing will appear at the bottom of the Lodge’s Listing until John can properly categorize it.

So if your lodge is missing some images, here is your chance to help catch up the listing. Go check it out.

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