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New GNYC 2016 FOS Sets Available

Gene Berman provides the following information and scan of a new set of Friends of Scouting CSP’s from GNYC, and for a limited time such a deal.

Greater New York Councils has issued the FOS series for 2016. There are 7 patches in the set as there has been the past few years.

The purpose of the patches is a recognition to those that contribute to the Council Friends of Scouting (FOS)campaign. Each of the borough CSPs will be given for a donation of $50.

GNYC FOS 2016 001

There are six of them as Staten Island continues to produce a day scene and a night scene. The GNYC CSP is given to those who have contributed $100. The grand total to own all of them is $400 which is 6 times $50 plus $100 for GNYC= $400.

They may be purchased all together or individually by calling the Greater New York Councils office at 212-242-1100 or the direct line to Joe Schiltz, Assistant Director of Field Service, (212) 651-2827, who is handling the FOS campaign.

SPECIAL NOTE…”SUCH A DEAL”. These patches were not intended to be sold as sets. They are intended for individual recognitions in the boroughs and the Council for donations in that venue.
However, I was able to convince the powers that be, that if I bundled together as a group for a discount, I could probably sell 10 sets and one I would buy to make 11 if we could give the collectors a break. Yop, I pay for them too. Therefore, I can offer the remaining 3 of those sets for $275 per set first come, first served. The hook I gave the council was they could make back most of their initial cost outlay, immediately. To date I have sold 8 sets and have 3 left. So if you are interested, please email me for details and a scan of the patches.

From the FOS Big Apple,
Gene Berman



New GNYC Eagle Scout CSP

Greater New York Councils has just released an Eagle CSP which is also being used as a fundraiser to help send Scouts to Camp using their new NYC skyline design.



This Summer help send a Scout to camp. Every single gift, regardless of amount, helps Scouts realize their potential.

Gifts made in the amount of $25 and more will be recognized with our new Greater New York Councils, Eagle Scout Council Shoulder Patch.

You can order the CSP or make a donation here.

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GNYC Freedom Tower James E. West CSP

I had previously posted about the new GNYC Freedom Tower CSP set which came out late last year.

Eddy Petersen and Gene Berman both sent along information that there is also a James E. West version of the Freedom Tower CSP.

GNYC has just released a James E. West CSP in the same design as the new set but with James E West at the bottom.

GNYC Freedom Tower James E. West CSP

GNYC Freedom Tower James E. West CSP

I don’t have any myself or any source for one aside from a big donation to the council.

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GNYC Freedom Tower CSP Sets White Border and Limited SMY Border sets

I had previously written that the white bordered GNYC Freedom Tower CSP sets were available at Camp Pouch. There is now information on how to order them online or by phone on the GNYC website.

In 2011, to mark the ten-year anniversary of 9/11, The Greater New York Councils issued the first Council Shoulder Patch in a series that would highlight and share the icons of New York City with our Scouting Family worldwide. The recent completion of the Freedom Tower has helped to revitalize an area forever changed in 2001 and the edifice now stands as a testament to our nation’s fortitude and resilience. To celebrate this historic event, GNYC is proud to release the next edition of the Big Apple Series highlighting the Freedom Tower and its place in the New York City skyline. These patches are authorized for uniform wear.

The set consists of six white-bordered patches: one for GNYC plus one for each of the five boroughs in NYC. We are also proud to release for purchase a special, limited edition silver-mylar bordered collector’s set of these CSP’s. Only 100 sets of these silver-mylar bordered patches were created and they will only be sold in sets.

med_freedom Tower

Here is the direct link to the limited Silver Mylar CSP Set and White bordered sets.

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GNYC Freedom Tower CSP Set

I had recently posted information about a new set of GNYC CSP’s with the Freedom Tower as an integral part of the design. You can see the artist’s rendition below.

GNYC Freedom Tower Set

GNYC Freedom Tower Set

I found out that these CSP’s are now available at the various GNYC Scout Camps. Here is a link to the order form.

I do not have any of these sets available for trade.

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Greater New York Councils will soon launch its new set of CSPs

Gene Berman recently posted this to Patch-L, I pass it along to those who may have an interest.

Greater New York Councils will soon launch its new set of CSPs, a set of 6 to include the Council itself and the five boroughs. Please be aware nothing is 100% finalized yet but the plan is that they will be authorized for regular uniform wear during the next year. The basic design will feature the Newly opened 1 WORLD TRADE CENTER KNOWN AS The Freedom Tower, and the Statue of Liberty as one would view it from the water looking uptown at the Battery and beyond to the Empire State Building in the distance.

When this idea was planned we had hoped to launch these patches on 9/12, at the GNYC Program Launch (Steakout) but due to artist issues and Patch mfg. issues it was not possible and the process is still with the council and the patch company working out the details of the artwork so it will be a while before launch. Nothing is cast in stone but there is a plan to first launch the regular edition of the six flaps so people can get them and wear them as soon as they become available and they would be available from NYC outlets such as the Council Office and Scout Shop in Staten Island at Pouch Camp as well as Camp Alpine.

A special commemorative set of the 6 with silver Mylar borders will be available as well but only in sets. Number of sets to be made has not been finalized yet but it will be around 100 sets. They will only be made once and not reordered. After about 6 months, or when GNYC runs out of its original order of regular issues it will be given to National supply for sale in all the National Supply outlets including the New York City Scout shop in Manhattan and will become the regular CSP. At the end of a year, the plan is for the boroughs to have the option of continuing to use this CSP or to return to their own unique CSPs. The plan is for the council to continue to use this as their regular CSP going forth into the future and replacing the current white twill with white border CSP with this new one.


For those interested in the September 11 commemorative CSP from GNYC, you can get them here.

GNYC Tower in Light CSP

GNYC Tower in Light CSP

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GNYC OA Centennial Silver Mylar CSP Sets

I had previously written about that Greater New York Councils and the Ten Mile River Scout Museum combined to produce two 5 – CSP sets to celebrate the 100th Anniversary of the Order of the Arrow.

There is only a dozen sets of the special limited edition with silver Mylar border left and when they are gone they are gone forever. No reorder.

silver mylar limited edition 001 (3)

Multi color border sets are also selling well too, but there are more of them still available.

tmr centennial csps 001 (2)

You can find an order form for both sets here. To get a silver Mylar set while we still have them please follow
instructions on the flyer. Questions: Dr. Gene Berman,
<> .


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