Look Back – Horicon Lodge #246 Neckerchief Identification Update

Back in February 2007, I was posting an identification aid for the 3 known varieties of the Horicon Lodge #246 N1.

Based on the current descriptions in the Blue Book it is virtually impossible to distinguish the a, b, & c varieties of the 246N1 without having them side by side (by side). In this post I will suggest some changes to the current Blue Book descriptions, in order to make it easier to identify the variations.

These were the three proposed descriptions:
N1a BLU P WHT RED SSC design similar to F2; Raccoon perched on arrow BLU Lockstitch DOR/DBR highlights in Raccoon, LBL lakes
N1b BLU P WHT DRD SSC; LBR Lockstich, LBR/DBR Raccoon, LBL Lakes
N1c BLU P WHT DRD SSC; BLU Lockstitch DOR/LBR highlights in Raccoon, DBL lakes

and here are thumbnails of the three neckerchiefs, clicking on the thumbnail will display a larger version.

Horicon Lodge #246 Neckerchief N1aHoricon Lodge #246 Neckerchief N1bHoricon Lodge #246 Neckerchief N1c

Anyone else have one that doesn’t fit the new descriptions?

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