Articles from October 2015

GNYC Freedom Tower CSP Sets White Border and Limited SMY Border sets

I had previously written that the white bordered GNYC Freedom Tower CSP sets were available at Camp Pouch. There is now information on how to order them online or by phone on the GNYC website.

In 2011, to mark the ten-year anniversary of 9/11, The Greater New York Councils issued the first Council Shoulder Patch in a series that would highlight and share the icons of New York City with our Scouting Family worldwide. The recent completion of the Freedom Tower has helped to revitalize an area forever changed in 2001 and the edifice now stands as a testament to our nation’s fortitude and resilience. To celebrate this historic event, GNYC is proud to release the next edition of the Big Apple Series highlighting the Freedom Tower and its place in the New York City skyline. These patches are authorized for uniform wear.

The set consists of six white-bordered patches: one for GNYC plus one for each of the five boroughs in NYC. We are also proud to release for purchase a special, limited edition silver-mylar bordered collector’s set of these CSP’s. Only 100 sets of these silver-mylar bordered patches were created and they will only be sold in sets.

med_freedom Tower

Here is the direct link to the limited Silver Mylar CSP Set and White bordered sets.

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GNYC Freedom Tower CSP Set

I had recently posted information about a new set of GNYC CSP’s with the Freedom Tower as an integral part of the design. You can see the artist’s rendition below.

GNYC Freedom Tower Set

GNYC Freedom Tower Set

I found out that these CSP’s are now available at the various GNYC Scout Camps. Here is a link to the order form.

I do not have any of these sets available for trade.

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Off Again – On again Merger Talks

I had previously written about the Revolutionary Trails Council (RTC) and the Otschodela Council (OC) proposed merger of the two Councils.

While the merger was overwhelmingly approved by the RTC, it only had a small majority in the OC vote. Apparently NY Law requires a 2/3 majority for this type of consolidation.

National however felt otherwise:

This simple majority satisfied the requirements of BSA, but not the requirements of the State of New York. The state requires a 2/3 majority, thus the merger was defeated. Following that vote, our Area Director informed us that we would not be allowed to conduct a search for a Scout Executive and must merge with another council to meet the minimum standards set by the national office. Our future is in our hands and we are forced to make some timely decisions.

In the wake of the defeat, an Ad-hoc committee (with a majority of members speaking against the original merge) was formed to take a closer look at our neighboring councils to consider which one(s) we should consider for a merge. The results of that committee’s findings are attached. Some local councils would present financial challenges, others would force the closure of Henderson.

The Committee felt it was best to:

…continue talks with Revolutionary Trails, as we address the three issues that appear to be of the utmost concern for people who are on “both sides of the fence”, 1) the preservation of Henderson Scout Reservation, 2) assurance that our financial situation is secure and 3) a continued office presence in the Oneonta area.

A new vote is scheduled for November 16, 2015.

“I suppose, indeed, that in public life, a man whose political principles have any decided character and who has energy enough to give them effect must always expect to encounter political hostility from those of adverse principles.” Thomas Jefferson


Look Back – Buckskin Lodge #412 Belt Buckle

In October 2007, we were posting about OA Belt Buckles, this one from Buckskin Lodge #412.

The Buckle pictures the wolfhead totem used by the Lodge.

Buckskin Lodge #412 Belt Buckle

The buckle depicts the 412X1 patch from the lodge.

Buckskin Lodge #412 X1

Anyone have more information on this Buckle? Or images of other buckles issued by New York OA Lodges?

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State of the Hobby – Kamargo Lodge #294 C1

Backing away from the OA Centennial and 2015 NOAC issues for a moment will bring a recent sale on eBay, the Kamargo Lodge #294 C1.

Clicking on the image will bring you to the auction results for the next few months.

Ten unique bidders made 21 bids, with four of them hanging in at amounts over $ 50.00 before the hammer came down at nearly $ 79.00.

Is this the new normal for this issue? The seller seems to start all of his items with a $ 4.99 bid to create interest in his auctions and let the market seek its level.

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Kintecoying Lodge #4 20th Annual TOR – Saturday November 21, 2015

Kintecoying Lodge #4 20th Annual TOR

Dealer setup during the 19th Annual TOR

Dealer setup during the 2014 Kintecoying TOR

Once again we have sold out our tables for the Kintecoying Trade-O-Ree. There is still plenty of room to come and trade or try to pick up that elusive need.

Where: John C Whitehead Dining Hall, past Reeves Lodge Camp Alpine, Alpine, NJ

When: Saturday November 21, 2015

Time: 9:00AM to 3:00PM (dealer setup begins at 8:30AM)

Admission: Free to All – A unique day trip for your troop or pack

Tables: Sold Out

Location: John C Whitehead Dining Hall, Alpine Scout Camp – Alpine, NJ (exit 3 on the Palisades Parkway)

Kintecoying Lodge will be conducting a live auction at the 2015 TOR. If you are interested in donating items for this auction, please contact me.

Here is a copy of the Kintekoying Lodge 2015 TOR Flyer.

If you have any questions, please contact me at

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Buckskin Lodge #412 OA Centennial Triangle X30

In addition to its OA Centennial Flap issued earlier this year, Buckskin Lodge #412 also issued a triangular shaped patch during the ArrowTour stop at Onteora Scout Reservation.

While the patch was issued at ArrrowTour there is no mention of that event, only the OA Centennial.

Buckskin Lodge #412 OA Centennial Triangle X30

Buckskin Lodge #412 OA Centennial Triangle X30

The background is more of an Yellowish Orarange than shows in the scan.

The stats for this one are:
X30 ORG R YOR – YOR FDL; BLK Order of the Arrow Centennial 2015 OA100 Logo -Triangle

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