State of the Hobby – Kamargo Lodge N-1 Neckerchief Rare Rare Rare

Stepping back from the OA Centennial and NOAC for a moment will bring us to the highest priced OA issue to sell recently on eBay, the Kamargo Lodge #294 N1.

Clicking on the image will bring you to the auction results for the next few weeks.

There was only a single bidder and the seldom seen neckerchief from Kamargo Lodge # 294 was what he wanted for the price of $ 750.00.

Some folk have said that this is the 1952 Area 2-D conclave neckerchief. I think it is likely both the Conclave neckerchief and the 294 N1. Similar to the 402N1, there is no indication of the lodge name or number on the neckerchief, my understanding it was sold to Kamargo Lodge members for secveral years in addition to being available on the conclave.


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